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My Limited Time Offer

This entire website is free and increasingly contains a lot of valuable information and tools. There are so many more techniques and pieces of wisdom that I will be posting as soon as possible. However, just like you are eager to live a better life right now, I am also eager to help or motivate as many people as possible right now!

I know from experience that empowerment, support, wisdom and motivation from a fellow human being is the biggest key to solving current problems or making a lasting change. I realize (as I have experienced it myself) that in order to break free from current patterns and make a lasting change, it’s extremely helpful and beneficial to have a coach who’s been in the trenches.

The tools and knowledge are very important, but it’s human nature to procrastinate and make excuses (time or money) when it comes to actually making it happen. Realize that your biggest enemy is your mind. Once you widen your perspective and “just go for it in spite of fear,” you will experience an amazing shift and take it from there yourself.

I am here for you! For a limited time, I give you direct access to my experience and information within my brain. I would like you to take advantage of this 1-on-1, confidential, private consultation offer. Whether you need a quick boost, helpful support or a complete guidance, I will give you my absolute best to get you the answers you seek, whatever it takes.

Ask away!

I am completely at your service on any topic that you can find on this website and within the Wellness Circle. Ask away if you seek support or information about any of the following:

Comprehensive Wellness Coaching

  • Empowerment and Motivation
  • Healing, Releasing, Moving On
  • Spiritual Journey and Energy
  • Relationships and Emotions
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Personal Health and Well-being
  • Improvement and Optimization
  • Decluttering and Organization
  • Effectiveness and Goal Achievement
  • How to start [Your Passion] business
  • How to market your business online

Check out some of the great comments that I received from different people in the course of helpful and friendly interactions.

You’re God-sent! Im so happy you’re supporting me. – friend

You are so positive and upbeat every time we talk on the phone. – friend

I always feel better after we meet. (this morning when I got up I was feeling a little down) – friend

I feel a lot better after talking to you. – friend

I had to let you know that your last email opened my eyes about something. (Thank you so much!) – friend

Thank you for being in my life and also open my mind and challenge me too. – friend

Thanks for the great conversation yesterday. You really made me think about somethings …………. – friend

You’re so insightful and it is super awesome to hear your viewpoints. – friend

Pick My Brain Packages

Quick Boost – One quick email exchange (consultation)

This package is for you if you just need a quick boost to get going or need a clarification before you proceed. Think of it as a quick message to your friend. For best results, structure your question in terms of a selection of 2-3 possible options.

  • Number of emails: 1 exchange (you to me, I to you)
  • Maximum length: 2 paragraphs (150 words)
  • My response time: 2 – 4 days
  • Package cost: USD $8

Helpful Support – Three regular email exchanges

The most practical option if you want to get the answers you are looking for. The maximum length of 1 page per email allows you to more accurately describe yourself and your situation. The second round allows you to clarify the facts or ask additional questions.

  • Number of emails: 3 exchanges (you to me, I to you, x3)
  • Maximum length: 1 page (450 words) per email
  • My response time: 1 – 3 days per email
  • Package cost: USD $49

Private Consultation – 30-minute Call via Skype

Next best thing to in-person coaching is this one-on-one personal Skype consultation. These can be simple problems or a quality moral support, or we can discuss and possibly solve your deepest and most troublesome challenges.

  • Number of calls: 1 call
  • Maximum length: 30 minutes
  • My response time: Please contact me to arrange mutually best time
  • Special pricing: USD $200

Note: Please confirm availability before you make the payment using the contact form. In all fairness, when you pay, I would like to give you best of this service. Thank you.

Complete Guidance – 30-day email package

The most comprehensive option if you really mean business and would appreciate helpful and ongoing support.

  • Number of emails: up to 30 email exchanges within 30 days (you to me, I to you, x30)
  • Maximum length: First email: 2 pages (900 words); then 1 page (450 words) per email
  • My response time: within 48 hours per email
  • Package cost: USD $497

In-person Wellness Coaching – 30-day or 3-weekend package

There is NOTHING more effective than personal one on one wellness coaching. This package is for you if you want the changes to happen fast with the help of 1-on-1 support, personalized strategies and tips, and coaching (locally in Toronto; you arrange your own travel and stay).

  • Number of hours: 3 weekends (6 days x 7 hrs each) or 1 month (21 days x 2 hrs each)
  • Number of emails: unlimited email exchanges within 30 days
  • My response time: within 24 hours per email
  • Package cost: USD $3,800

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Important Disclaimer

IMPORTANT! Make sure to click on the RETURN TO MERCHANT button upon payment.
(all prices include taxes as applicable)

Questions and Answers

How do you protect my privacy and confidentiality?

I take your privacy and confidentiality VERY seriously. I am taking all reasonable measures to safe-guard your data. More specifically, while we are communicating, your information is stored in a password-protected and encrypted folder on a password-protected server. When our communication finishes, I delete all the files that relate to our communication. In addition, please read this website’s Privacy Policy for more information.

I have a very simple question. How do you treat those?

Just in case and to reassure you, to me every question is equally important. If you are asking, it simply means that you don’t know the answer. You can try prepending it with a super-brief introduction or context. Finally, it’s your money, so use it any way you like. Note that your questions are safe with me – see the confidentiality and privacy statement above.

What if I am not satisfied with your answers?

When you buy a Pick My Brain package and ask a question, your email goes to the top of my priority list as you are now a customer. I will immediately read your email and get my deep mind thinking about the best possible answer for you. I may also consult with my expert connections to provide you with additional angles or pieces of advice. I will then send you a high quality reply. If you feel that my reply isn’t useful in any way, it is my promise to you that I will give you your full and immediate refund without any hassle or questions. All you need to do is send me an email to ac.ssenllewlacitcarpnull@sdnufer and provide me with the original Transaction ID and your name.

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