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I use the mainstream medicine when in emergency, or to diagnose and treat serious medical ailments. I feel that the various scientific studies, quality control, rigorous standards, and tested effectiveness makes the conventional medicine a logical and safe choice.

However, in addition to the regular scientific ways, I am fascinated by the complementary alternative healing energy therapies as a way to enhance the natural self healing power of the body. I have personally experienced the healing power of various pressure point and energetic therapies.

Activate Your Self Healing Power

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When recovering from my accident I utilized a lot of Shiatsu massage, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I followed all that with chiropractic adjustments to put things back the right way. Many consider my speedy recovery to be a miracle. Watch my Live Workshop for the full story and an Energy Healing Introduction + Howto.

Chi Energy

Chi Energy plays a huge role in complementary alternative medicineChi (also Qi, Ki, Gi, Khi) can best be translated as life energy flow in the body – it sustains living beings. Disrupted, blocked or unbalanced Chi Energy movement through the body’s meridians (or channels) is believed to manifest itself as symptoms of various illnesses. On a gentler level, it can be linked to low energy and low confidence, ie. no zest for life. Chi Energy plays a significant part in complementary alternative medicine.

By improving one thing from the list below, you will affect other areas. By improving all the areas and becoming a master of your Chi Energy, you can control your life flow and do unimaginable things. What things? Amazing things. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Try it for 30 days to experience a small sample for yourself.

  • Quality 7-8 hour sleep, early bed time and early rising time (eg. 10pm-6am)
  • Limited electromagnetic-radiation: no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth phone earpiece, etc.
  • Wholesome and colourful nutrition, 6 regular meals per day, quality water
  • Natural fiber clothing, frequent exercise, positive music, aromas, good deeds
  • Positive emotions, attitude, thoughts and patterns, sense of purpose in life
  • Taking chances, adventure, embracing and learning from life challenges
  • Straight and tall posture, controlled deep breathing and relaxation
  • Attention details and listening to people, being interested in what they’re saying
  • Master your Chi through mind stillness; meditate every day for 15-60 minutes
  • More info:

Some of my early experiences with Chi Energy:

Nikuri at Otani Shiatsu Clinic told me that I can heal myself (eyes, knees, metabolism, anything) with self-massage and touch (just like young children touch the place they just hit – they know they can heal themselves). You have to do it everyday, and after some time, the results will show. It really does work.

Today I felt super great and high on amazing energy thanks to Reiki, countryside drive, giving back, love, good food, and physical activity.

If everything is great (air, food, energy, love, balance, brain rested) amazing work can get done. There is focus, ideas, action, personal power. But after some time, there comes a point that the body needs to rest again (balance). This is the time to sleep or go for a walk or bike ride (depending on quality of recent sleep or exercise). Also quality food at regular intervals is absolutely necessary. Plus maximum of three straight hours of work at a time, then take a break doing what is needed.

Warning: Be careful with group energy healing sessions. It might help you, but chances are you will receive other people’s energy (good and bad). Research and ask a trusted knowledgeable friend or trusted expert before attending such sessions. One good idea if you’re not sure is to put your body into an imaginary box, not allow any energy in or out, and use your own internal energy to revitalize your entire body.

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Energy Chiropractor

While visiting the Psychological & Emotional Healing of Dr. Anthony Posa, I’ve seen people crying and laughing at the same time as deeply set emotions were released free. Depending on the care that is chosen, you will begin your personalized journey of healing energy, refreshment and revitalization – an even more profound kind of the complementary alternative medicine.

The spinal cord, which is enclosed in the spine, carries all impulses from the brain to the entire body, so it is crucial that the spine allows the central nervous system to operate flawlessly. Every organ in the body is affected by blockages (sublaxations) in the spine.

These also include emotional blockages caused by stress, anxiety, depression and low self-image. Click on the following images for greater clarity of the organs involved:

Vertebral Sublaxation Nerve Chart

Click ↑ to Enlarge

Chiropractic Autonomic Nervous System Chart

Click ↑ to Enlarge

I visited this chiropractor first (out of 3). He helped me to further restore my Chi Energy and the internal self healing power (light, warmth and energy) after my accident.

If you live in Toronto, below is the contact information of the clinic I visited. You can use my name as a referrer to receive discounts on the initial visit.

  • Dr. Anthony Posa – I’ve experienced amazing healing energy with this chiropractor.Receive free initial consultation and examination with the referral information;2801 Keele Street #202, Toronto, 416.638.2225,

A few notes straight out of my Journal:

Arrived at the Chiropractor office. Scented candles, smell of sage or sweet grass, gentle classical music, plants, warm colours of walls and carpet – very positive space.

Talk with Dr. Posa was “awesome” – I am almost overusing that word, but it’s all good. Basically he took a correction on how to treat me: “not to fix, but to maximize peak performance,” like Anthony Robbins. I like the sound of that.

He did some quick tests and his diagnosis was reasonable. I got a blockage in my neck (from last year’s accident), and a couple of blockages near heart and hip (both emotional). Those spots actually tie into my organs to do with digestion, and the hip with the knees.

He did some light work on me – asked me to channel breath to lower back, then to relax and feel good (I felt like a light being), then to “double” that feeling (bigger light being), then to add passion to it (happy nature place and joy), then even more passion (I actually felt like smiling at this point). He says that at 2-3x per week for 4-6 months I can not only be fixed, but have the constant, natural, and automatic high like Tony. Let’s do it!

During the next session, I felt a nice heat-relax wave from fingers to toes. I also experienced some nice overlapping light spots of energy when my eyes were closed. Soon after (30+ min) I felt very mellow, relaxed, and overall good. Later I noticed that my neck is no longer stuck or stretchy. The full fluid motion is back. Dr. Posa rules!

En route to Dr. Posa tried to sing and tell myself that I am awesome, fantastic and great. Was doing some humming and voice resonating. The voice was shallow and cracky, and I felt kinda low – definitively no boost. Dr. Posa felt something was wrong. I felt my body was cold, tense, and is a state of blackness. He focused on helping me with that. In the last few minutes of the session, I started feeling the warmth, the light, colours, and general boost in the chest and heart. I am so thankful for this help. Whatever Dr. Posa did, it worked.

Beautiful day! Went to Dr. Posa, I asked whether he can increase the intensity a bit. I could feel that he did (also I was more ready and receptive to it today). I felt the heat and energies traveling to knees, hip, and neck. Dr. Posa asked me to look into my heart for wisdom, just to take a peek. I tried my best. After the session, while driving, I felt bigger and stronger (bigger chest and calmer vision). Felt even more at peace. Very good.

Went to Dr. Posa, he said I seem tired, which I felt tired, but in good spirits. He did some magic and restored the Chi Energy. He also restored something more. He cleared the doubt about my girlfriend. I want this to workout, but I had all the doubting thoughts before the session. Nicely done.

Did a double session with Dr. Posa to close the treatment. First half was cleansing and a slight recharge. I used the breathing techniques Anna taught me. Second was a full recharge and affirmation that all will be well. Dr. Posa says to keep affirming to myself that things will work out this week (I didn’t tell him anything). Also in meditation I asked for the next step. I was told to follow my intuition and do what I planned to do. Ok, let’s change my life.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

For most people Acupuncture comes to mind first when talking about complementary alternative medicine. Acupuncture promotes health and alleviates pain and suffering by achieving effective blood circulation and normalizing the flow of the life energy (“Chi”) in the body. By stimulating the body’s network of meridian lines through which Chi flows, acupuncture accelerates the self-healing capability of the body and boosts the immune system.

Acupuncture Points on the BackMy skiing accident caused my Chi Energy to be completely disrupted (I felt very weak) and my neck muscles were completely seized. I couldn’t move my head either sideways or up and down. In addition to physiotherapy, I also had acupuncture sessions (4 per week) and take-home custom-prepared Chinese Medicine (it was awful, but it worked). After each session my neck movement range was greater and my thinking speed and personal power was improving.

I also used acupuncture to heal my chronically hurting knees. After just a few sessions, I no longer felt the cold related or the severe pains in the knees, my arches were no longer hurting, and my daily lower back pains were completely gone. I could now walk around much longer distances and with my posture perfectly straight. I felt overall healthier and more confident.

After about 15 sessions, all the pains were completely gone. I even noticed an improvement in the arches of my feet. They were less flat! That was an unthinkable transformation after having flat feet for years!

I still visit Tian Long Acupuncture & Health Centre whenever I need. When I fell on my back, Dr. Yu’s acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment vanished the bruising and the pain after only 2 sessions. I speak very highly of Dr. Yu’s practice and recommend it to everyone who needs significant magic or just a little fix. I am back on the slopes skiing and in parks riding my bike.

See a comprehensive list of conditions that acupuncture treatments can alleviate.

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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Self Massage Chart

Click ↑ to Enlarge

Shiatsu Massage is a unique, non-invasive therapy designed to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Literally translated, the Japanese word shiatsu means “finger pressure.” Shiatsu therapy involves the systematic application of manual pressure to the body in order to assess and treat a variety of conditions.

Shiatsu massage treatments have a regulatory influence on the autonomic nervous system, thereby improving organ function and reducing muscle tension. Shiatsu is not supposed to be painful. The true Japanese Shiatsu is like a mother’s loving touch.

Feet and Organs Reflexology and Detox

Click ↑ to Enlarge

Shiatsu massage stimulates body systems to work at their optimal level and make you overall healthy. The body systems that Shiatsu affects and can cleanse include: skeletal, muscular, nervous, integumentary, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive.

Shiatsu combined with yoga offers a great way to release work-related stress and allow for top creativity and mental or physical performance. Shiatsu massage is one of the best kept secrets of top athletes, singers, performers and executives – until now that is.

A weekly or biweekly Shiatsu massage is meant to restore the balance and keep creativity and sanity. Life is a constant juggle of left and right brain resources. Career causes stress, Shiatsu and nature restores well-being. We pursue the career to make money to live, but we stress ourselves out. Then we spend the money on vacations and relaxation to restore the balance.

Shiatsu deep tissue massage is also ideal a day after an intensive workout (power or cardio) to loosen the tight and tense muscles and prevent forming of knots. It also relaxes you, improves mood, and improves the flow of Chi in the body – the healing life force.

Because I am so passionate about Shiatsu, I decided to take a basic-level Shiatsu course. I’ve already updated this Shiatsu section with the new information that I have learned. I’ve also given a few practice Shiatsu massages with astonishing results! Because I was in my zone (like I uncovered a hidden skill from my past life), I knew exactly where and how to apply just the right amount of pressure.

My friends came back with an amazing list of experiences following the treatments:

  • Deep relaxation and rejuvenation (dozing off during treatment)
  • Balanced Chakras and boosted personal power (2 different people)
  • Detoxed and flushed lymphatic system (immunity)
  • Released tension from trouble spots (forearms and lower back)
  • Waking up the next day feeling great and refreshed

Benefit for women: Shiatsu massage helps to alleviate menstrual cramping and discomfort by calming the nervous system, relaxing muscle spasms in the uterus and promoting the smooth release of blood.

A few notes straight out of my Journal:

One day I got up feeling like I needed something, a boost, a fix, a shift, something. I took a bath, but it didn’t help. It was a beautiful and sunny day, which did help a bit. I tried just deciding to feel different, but I was too far down the joy scale. After trying a few more things I finally concluded that I needed to cleanse and detox my body. I decided a Shiatsu session would take care of that nicely, a side-benefit of a deep tissue pressure.

At the Otani Shiatsu Clinic I asked for a cleansing session. Shortly after and another hot bath (recommended after Shiatsu massage), I felt so much lighter, cleaner and smoother internally – like I just had an oil changed to a high-end synthetic. Posture was back, power voice was back, and strong eye contact was back. Definitively felt better and more grounded (legs felt more solid and heavier on the ground), and the crappy feeling dissolved from the inside.

Quality varies between places and practitioners, so ask a friend for a recommendation or do your own research. Some health insurance plans cover Shiatsu massage if the practitioner is registered (RMT) – check with your insurance provider.

As I practiced my skills even more, it became clear that in addition to the scientific benefits of Shiatsu, I am actually channeling the universal Life Force energy capable of healing body organs and balancing Chakras (if appropriate). I am offering the Energy Shiatsu sessions on a limited basis.

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Balance PoseHatha Yoga is a relaxed, slow-paced and meditative type of yoga, yet still physical and challenging. It involves simple breathing exercises, whole body stretching, static strength poses, and above all it is very relaxing. It improves range of motion, lowers risk of injury and boosts performance in any sport.

It is the perfect way to relax, recharge and ground after a long day at work. It is healthy and productive as you get your strength and flexibility workout done at the same time. Classes and instructors vary, so try different a few different ones and pick the one which works best for you, ie. puts you in a heavenly state.

Every time I attend Helen’s Hatha Yoga class (1-2 times per week) I feel a huge positive shift. The class has the perfect pace, the perfect flow, the perfect transitions, the perfect stretch, and just the right difficulty level. It smooths and soothes my muscles (especially lower back) and increases my mental and physical performance. It is the perfect energy boost and provides me with a great maintenance of the body, mind and spirit.

Few random tips from personal experience:

Hot Hatha Yoga has the extra bonus of heat, which makes stretching easier and you also break some serious sweat. For me Heat Yoga is very bearable, but it’s not for everyone. Trick is not to eat heavy before the class and sip on water every few minutes during the class (but don’t drink too much).

Slow and calm yoga is good and relaxing, but one must practice the overall balance (ying-yang) and do some energetic and explosive exercise as well (eg. circuit training or fast active sports). Alternatively you can try “Dance Hot Yoga” if you’re feeling like some Dance music and major sweating.

Hint: When doing the tree pose, one must focus on one spot ahead of you in order to stay balanced and maintain the pose. One must be fully alert and present, yet relaxed.

If you are over fifty consider Qi Gong (Chi Kung) or Tai Chi as alternatives to Hatha Yoga.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing HandsReiki is a Japanese healing and relaxation therapy administered through a very gentle touch (or touch-less). Practitioner places hands along energy centers and pathways on the head, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs and feet. Reiki healing balances the body’s energy on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, thus speeds up the self-healing processes of the body. It has really profound effects on physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human body. Reiki Healing sis a complementary alternative medicine on steroids!

A few notes straight out of my Journal:

My first Reiki session was incredibly healing. The light, the heat, the relaxation, the peace, the calmness. When [the practitioner, my very good friend] was done I said: “so that’s what heaven feels like!” I felt so good after: stronger, more confident, more whole, very grounded and centered, posture and solid walk were back.

She told me I have 2 areas of concern: knees and throat. I gotta use the knee heaters more. For throat I need a singer’s advice how to take care of it. She also told me that I love open space and distance, and I am fascinated by fire. Yep! Plus showed me Dalai Lama’s take on self-worth. I have it and just must really realize it.

If you want to read more about Reiki, this Reiki Healing FAQ will give you detailed insights.

As with the Shiatsu Massage, with practice I eventually became very proficient at channeling the universal Life Force energy capable of healing body organs and balancing Chakras (if appropriate). I am offering the Energy Shiatsu sessions on a limited basis.

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong Group PracticeQi Gong is like Chinese Yoga and comes in many forms and varieties. Some are meant to align breath, well-being, and keep you young; others focus on meditation, spiritual balance and Chakras; still others help develop human or paranormal potential like moving objects from a distance, walking on glass or fire, or even a power to heal.

Wuji Yuan Qi Gong enables the practitioner to return to the Natural State – a state in the “flow” with the Universe. In that state you are able to take life pressure and challenges much better, you seem to be always at the right place at the right time, you are happy and content, and people find it “easy” to be around you.

When I tried Wuji Yuan Qi Gong, within a few minutes my head cleared, mind tension dissipated, and I felt nicely grounded and at ease. Shortly after, I started feeling a pleasant sense of well-being and peace.

After the second session my throat felt clearer and my voice was deeper and stronger. I also felt a great sense of empowerment, wisdom, and clarity on current business problems.

My experience after the third session included once more being cleansed of stress and negativity, my hands being filled with Chi energy, and having my Chakras rebalanced (feeling calm and clear like a lake on a clear and sunny day).

The most profound aspect of of the Wuji Yuan Qi Gong is the fact that all the Chi is self-generated (as opposed to transferred from the Master), so it is a completely safe, most compatible within the body, and eventually can be learned to do on your own.

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Herbs, Gemstones and Colours

Incense SticksThroughout my journey I’ve been introduced to another form of healing energy that has had a profound impact in my life. I’ve experienced first hand the amazing self-healing power of herbs, stones, crystals and colour.

Herbs in the dry, incense or candle form have very powerful energy shifting capabilities, both within ourselves and the environment. I use them all the time to shift energy in my workplace to be more productive or at home to relax and enjoy being. The energy shift that the right herbs and smell can induce is very powerful.

I rely on the Indian Ayuverdic herbal healing wisdom of my friend, whose life-long passion and experience has made her an expert in herbs, essential oils and gemstones. The Ayurverdic tradition teaches that the health of the body and mind is dependent upon a number of factors: our thoughts, dreams and attitude towards work, our environment, neighbours, pleasant and unpleasant words, smells and colours, as well as influence of gemstones and crystals. Mystical Herbs website explores some of the uses of her herbs like passion and love, serenity, prosperity, cleansing, road openers and more.

Crystals and Gemstones have very stimulating and self healing effects and have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Whether you believe in those effects or not, stones release specific energies in the body and mind.

I have been applying crystals and gemstones (eg. necklaces, on the body, or in pants pockets) for many years. I used amethyst, white quartz and citrine as a starting point to transform my energy, store the positive energy and magnify it, then convert it to good fortune and determination. Check out this website for the meaning and effects of gemstones.

Finally the colour has a particularly important role. All the colours around us find a perfect correspondence within each of us, and have deep inner meaning. Colour of the walls in your home, your clothes or the colour of your jewelery has a self healing effect on your body, soul and upon the totality of human organism.

Below are some of the colours, their meaning and therapeutic use:

  • Red: activity, energy, joy, love – supports will power and circulatory and metabolic systems
  • Orange: vitality, ambition, fertility – adds balance, calmness and flow of energy
  • Yellow: optimism, success, generosity – stimulates all organs, increases energy levels
  • Green: friendship, openness, peace, self-renewal – detoxifies and regenerates
  • Blue: faithfulness, responsibility, respect – calms, improves circulation, combats anxiety
  • Violet: insight, transformation, peace – respiration and digestion, inspires from grief
  • Black: pride, elegance, security – dissolves energy blockages, relieves pain, protection
  • White: purity, truth, perfection – helps with weaknesses, provides energy, self-realization

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Self-hypnosis and Brain Waves

Brain Waves - Problem Solving and Meditation

Click ↑ to Enlarge

Over the two years of my transformation I listened to many different self-hypnosis and meditation recordings. I feel that only two technologies had a profound effect on my mind and life. I even use them today to refresh or revitalize the mind in specific areas as needed:

It usually takes about 24-48 hours for the mind to absorb and act on the self-hypnosis recordings.

A few random notes straight out of my Journal:

Woke up with a little Cold virus. Loaded myself with all the vitamins, plus grapefruit, spinach salad, greens+, cold advil, the nose spray, and Paraliminals Perfect Health.

Over past few days I listened to Getting Around To It, Memory Supercharger and Prosperity Paraliminals, plus the The Secret to Attracting Wealth brain wave. My mind is buzzing today with only 1 espresso after the veggie pita (I was buzzing before the food too, so espresso was unnecessary). I am getting things done effortlessly, one after another – no effort or internal pressure. That’s what I like.

My mind operates better thanks to all the learning, cleansing, ginseng, practice, Instantaneous Personal Magnetism and Talking To Win Paraliminals. The metaphysics of the last conversation with a woman looks like this: I am able to remember and refer to what was said in the past. Then as the line happens, I am thinking that I need a witty response. And since I am calm and slow, the pause doesn’t seem too out of place. Then the right thing to say just pops in into my out buffer and I start to say it while it is still loading into the buffer, as I trust that the whole thing will make sense and will be funny. The default mindset of joy helps too.

Workout, sleep and Paraliminals (Prosperity and Top Performance) at the office really worked its magic.

Feeling pretty good today: lean, stomach flat, bright feeling. It’s due to combination of Perfect Health Paraliminals, breathing, good sleep, quick meditation, blessed fruit, bike ride, sending blessings, and morning meditation.

Went to Dominion’s, grabbed chicken soup, tuscan bean and beet salads, and some fruit. There was a blond and tall business woman. I raised my eyes to meet hers Daniel Craig style. Amazing! Just like wanted with Personal Magnetism Paraliminals 2 days ago.

At Mr. Sub some new guy overcharged me. I remained calm and (almost) handled it perfectly: “I think you overcharged me, extra veggies are included with this combo.” This is definitively an improvement. I think the Anxiety-Free and Belief self-hypnosis Paraliminals had a lot to do with it.

Overall I was happy with the conversation. Listened very well, asked good questions, gave good answers, had a strong voice, was enthusiastic and positive, and a touch personal. Can’t see doing it better at this point. It was perfect. Listening to Sales Leap Coaching, Sales Leap and Top Performance Paraliminals yesterday and today had a huge part to do with it.

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Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum BiofeedbackBiofeedback taps into body’s vital functions that are normally unconscious, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, and provides information on anomalies (if any). It also gives useful data regarding lack or excess of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other information depending on what the practitioner is specifically looking for.

A note straight out of my Journal:

I went to the Quantum clinic for a quantum biofeedback and aqua-detox session. Interesting results: need to repair digestive system – a common lead from many diagnoses. I need to get some more fatty acids and B-complex. Once that’s done, thyroid will fix itself energetically. Also gotta fix joints (detox and nutrition). Otherwise all good: Vitamins, Minerals, Water-intake, organ function, energy, emotion, spiritual, Chakras balanced. Definitively feel lighter and cleaner throughout the day.

I did another session 1 year later having much more understanding of what exactly I would like fixed. Quantum biofeedback is like working with your brain’s bios-level firmware – the underlying workings of your body machine. This time I fixed a couple of energetic balancing problems in my spine, nudged my “communication perfectionist” inconvenience, got my soul life reading and a couple of diet tips (need more vitamin K and E – more greens). While balancing and re-harmonizing my Chakras, I experienced “energy comets” flying fast diagonally thru my body calibrating and adjusting things. After the session I felt overall great, strong, adjusted, balanced and “royal” 🙂

Within a few days my communication became effortless and easy-going. I felt much calmer, patient and understanding. The communication adjustment fine-tuned my listening, patience, compassion, non-judgment and empowerment areas. It feels really natural to have absolutely zero feelings of annoyance, anxiety or anger. I take nothing personally and I am not affected emotionally. I LOVE IT! I feel much better in the calm James Bond role.

Check out this great Holistic Health Guide website with plenty of practical solutions for almost anything. If you’ve found this article helpful, please post your comments below and spread the word. I want to hear your feedback. All the best!


The information above is based on personal experiences, true results, and real stories. However, please consult your physician before following any advice on this website. For more details read this Important Disclaimer. 11:11

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