Founder of Practical Wellness GuideFounder of Practical Wellness Guide, Kamil Kowalski (also known as Chris), inspires and empowers thousands of people to take immediate action steps to change their lives for the better.

Kamil’s new chapter had begun when he was blessed to receive a second chance in life after surviving a serious skiing accident. It served as a much needed time out that thankfully put a stop to his deteriorating path in the corporate world.

Kamil decided to completely turn around his life, and is now helping individuals to live and organizations to promote wholistic, fulfilling, happy and well-balanced lives. He motivates others to take full responsibility for their total wellness, to find fulfillment in serving their local and global communities, and in turn contribute to the positive change in the world.

What follows is NOT a sob story, but an inspiration to living own life on purpose – the way it was meant to be for each of us individually based on our uniqueness.

Real life transformation story

At 16 I moved to Toronto and casually started the new lifestyle: lots of friends, part-time job, first old car. During High School and University I went on exciting trips and spent time in pubs – nice sweet life it was.

Immediately after University, I started a computer services company. I took the company to an impressive level in a short period of time. Our solutions passed the strictest standards of large companies and institutions such as Rogers Wireless, University Of Toronto, Deutsche Bank and many others. At that time, I was experiencing incredible happiness and had a wonderful life. Even the 100-hour work weeks were fun and exciting.

However good things come to an end. After a few insane seasons of overtime work, coffee, pizza and chocolate bars, I ended up with ill health and a poor image: overworked, depressed, fat, and sick most of the time. Even though I was always interested in health, I clearly wasn’t caring about my own wellness at that time.

To make matters worse, by 2007 the economy crashed and margins in the computer industry shrinked. More work with a lot more pressure translated into not-so-fun-100-hour-work-weeks. The end result was a costly but highly educational “real-life” MBA degree.

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.
– G. K. Chesterton

So instead of having a breakdown, I began to look for ways to do something about it.

At 28 years old I experienced my first “planned” synchronicity by stumbling upon the movie “The Secret.” After watching it, I made my intention to change my life around — mostly the no longer satisfying 100-hours-per-week part. There had to be a better way to make a great living and really love doing it. I also started looking deeper into spirituality concepts like energy healing and the science behind the Holy Spirit.

Step by step I proceeded with a makeover of my body, mind and life; firstly via enlisting services of a personal trainer. However, I did not push for change strong enough and I kept working the long hours with even more stress.

A few months later, I had a near-death experience where after over 8 hours of continuous skiing, I crashed at the end of my last run — like a “hard reset,” if you will.

It wasn’t pretty. Unconscious and with a brain trauma, I was air-lifted 100 miles to the closest major hospital that same night. There I was a veggie for a few days, but thanks to the The Secret mindset, I strongly believed that this couldn’t be the end. Deep inside I knew that I was yet to make a profound difference in the world — right after learning how to walk again.

The accident gave me a much deserved time off. I spent a couple of weeks in two hospitals and another month in physiotherapy. My healing and full physical recovery was supported by the healthcare system, by the power of my mind, and by my new spiritual healing friends. This break gave me plenty of time to think, reflect and fully commit upon a new course in my life, starting with re-learning just about everything life-related from scratch.

Big Lesson: Life can change in an instant and so we must be even more grateful for every day that we get to enjoy.

Corollary: If you don’t have too many joyful moments, change your life.

I took massive action and over the next 3 years I went through a total transformation. I fixed my health and image, reprogrammed my mind (habits, behaviour, beliefs, awareness), began spiritual growth (meaning of life and the truest Truth, healing of past Karma, etc), pushed to peak effectiveness, and took responsibility for earning my own living by being my best self.

At some point while self-improving and aligning with my dreams and goals, yet wondering about what my life purpose really is, the answer eventually when I least expected it, just popped into my head:

I want to provide practical advice to those who seek it, on achieving own highest potential doing what one loves, that is achieving true peace and happiness in life — all while being a great role-model of the advice. This site is about practical action steps to change your life.

This website is a tribute to those 3 years of my life for the Highest Good of All. I sincerely hope it will help somebody somewhere.

If it has helped you and you would like to thank me, you could do so by spreading the word, posting a few genuine comments, donating monetarily, or any combination thereof, so that the PWG can grow even bigger and faster.

With the help of this website, I am seeking like-minded people to co-create Heaven on Earth – Energy Shiatsu and Kowalski Enterprises Connect with me on LinkedIn


About this website

This website isn’t just about personal development. It is about complete life makeover.

When you do what you love and support your daily living with it, you’re in a state of bliss. Sharing your natural skills, knowledge and passion with others, solving other people’s problems and helping them achieve their vision or desires, only brings back what you need, envision, and desire. It is the Universal Law.

Live a happy life while giving happiness to others. – unknown

Peace between all people begins with peace within each person.
– Kamil C.K.

All advice has been meticulously researched and personally experienced. People’s heart and passion for the service they provide is very important to me – this translates into higher quality and better results. For your benefit, I present my journey as objectively as possible.

Over a period of 10 years I’ve been there, done that, experienced drastic life changes, been pushed to anxiety and patience limits, and been analyzed and self-helped more than most people are in a life-time. Through this website I want to share much of my experiences.

As I learned about myself and understood better how my body, mind, heart and soul work, my life became even more fascinating – a real daily life adventure!

I wish you the same or even better results!

*Special Thanks to Rabeea Syed, Laura Pazzano, Megan Philipp, Michael Stevens and Lauren Gill-Tempro for generous assistance with content editing.

My online profiles

Facebook Fan Page: Practical Wellness Guide Expert: Kamil Kowalski
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Twitter: Sweet Wellness

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