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Businessman has a professional and personal development planBy reading the Practical Wellness Guide you will be empowered to take immediate action steps to start changing your life. It is full of inspiring self improvement ideas for smart and busy people like yourself to live a wholistic, fulfilling, happy and well balanced life.

Behind this professional and personal development plan are many years of thorough research and collective wisdom of various experts. It contains my exact practical action steps, many best and proven techniques, as well as underlying mindset and psychology.

Changing your life with practical action steps will improve your lifeEvery morning when I wake up, I am ready to go full steam ahead looking forward to another day of pleasant surprises and educational challenges. I appreciate them both as they help me grow and bring me closer towards fulfilling my life purpose, big vision and ambitious goals.

You can embark on a similar rewarding journey of self improvement to get to know yourself better, get more grounded and centered, improve your life, find happiness and live in personal peace on a daily basis.

Or you can use the practical wellness guide as a straight-to-the-point blueprint for wellness to achieve your own specific goals or life purpose, while avoiding time-consuming and anxiety-provoking pitfalls.

Because when you succeed, we all succeed! Something amazing is about to happen…
If you find this website useful, please share it with others for the highest good of all.

2012+ Update: The shift on our planet has arrived and is in progress of happening. Feel and welcome the energy of compassionate action and peace in these transition years of 2013-2016. The movie “Tomorrowland” gives a hint about where we’re heading:

Self Improvement On Your Terms

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.
– Earl Nightingale

Happiness is the key to success. You have to love what you are doing.
– Albert Schweitzer

Practical Wellness Guide - Wellness Circle

Start your self improvement by preparing your own personal development plan:

  • Body: lose weight, tone up, bulk up, look great, feel great and be super confident
  • Mind: improve time management, get more done in less time and make money easily
  • Heart: resolve conflicts, free yourself and get relationships you want effortlessly
  • Soul: find your life purpose, contribute your share to the world and enjoy true happiness
  • Life: become whole, retain freedom, and balance your life for total wellness

Or explore these practical wellness resources to start changing your life right away:

  • Products: life transformation essentials, health and fitness, relationships and wealth
  • Services: pick my brain about anything related to wellness and self improvement
  • For Women: relax and rejuvenate, improve relationships, look and feel great
  • Newsletter: get even more free valuable content with Practical Newsletter sign-up!

Improve Your Life with Practical Wellness Guide

Grabbing a helping hand up is the first step of self improvementThis website isn’t just about personal development. It is about complete life makeover. When you do what you love and support your daily living with it, you’re in a state of bliss. Sharing your natural skills, knowledge and passion with others, solving other people’s problems and helping them achieve their vision or desires, only brings back what you need, envision, and desire. It is the Universal Law.

Personal and professional development planAll advice has been meticulously researched and personally experienced. People’s heart and passion for the service they provide is very important to me – this translates into higher quality and better results. For your benefit, I present my journey as objectively as possible.

Over a period of 10 years I’ve been there, done that, experienced drastic life changes, been pushed to anxiety and patience limits, and been analyzed and self-helped more than most people are in a life-time.

Ask yourself what is my life purpose then follow a proven blueprint for wellnessAs I learned about myself and understood better how my body, mind, heart and soul work, my life became even more fascinating – a real daily life adventure! I wish you the same or even better results!

Through this website I want to share much of my experiences.

*Special Thanks to Rabeea Syed, Laura Pazzano, Megan Philipp, Michael Stevens and Lauren Gill-Tempro for generous assistance with content editing.

PWG Book Launch: Feel Great Get Things Done – Edition 2.0

2018 UPDATE: The release of the Feel Great Get Things Done v2 has been cancelled due to insane progress of its content beyond what it would feel great to get things done and published. As such, version 3 is now in the works to be released when the time is right. In the meantime, realize your True Self and Kick Butt!

Following the review by the Writer’s Digest Awards Judge and Readers’ comments, the Get Things Done and Feel Great book is being upgraded to EDITION 2.0 with a new title:
FEEL GREAT GET THINGS DONE. Estimated book release date: Sept 9, 2017.

Inside you will discover how with the 115 wholistic wellness strategies you can take your life to the next level:

  • Improve Your Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep to Boost Your Energy
  • Banish Procrastination with Easy Tricks and Overclock Your Productivity
  • Manage Stress and Relax when Under Crunch or Starting From Scratch
  • Connect with Divine Guidance for Easier Decisions and Highest Potential
  • Open to Spiritual Wisdom and Life Purpose for Greater Peace & Balance
  • Renew Your Brain after Concussion or Trauma (TBI, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety)
  • Plus: Confidence and Emotional Clarity for more Loving Relationships

10% of gross proceeds from the book sales in 2017 will go to a charity that protects, supports and empowers a new generation of women leaders.

Follow the Book Launch on Facebook (click here):

Feel Great Get Things Done Edition 2.0 Book Launch
Reviews of the Edition 1.4 of the book are on Amazon:
Reviews of Get Things Done and Feel Great v1.4 on
Reviews of Get Things Done and Feel Great v1.4 on

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